Privacy Policy

Last modified (05/07/2021)

  1. Introduction

Kitchens wants to provide greater ease in the daily lives of customers, ensuring that Users of its services can have the best possible experience in contacting the company. The company it is aligned with the data protection policy, ensuring the privacy of the data collected by the site.

This Notice will inform you how your personal data is processed when it is requested for your interaction with the company.

  1. How do we collect your Personal Data?

On this site, the collection of personal data may occur in two ways, which are: active or automatic.

Active collection of personal data occurs when you enter your information in the following situations:

SITE AREA: Contact Us

PERSONAL DATA COLLECTED: Name; e-mail; phone; location.

In automatic collection, data is captured when you access the services on the site, and data is collected regarding the network in which you access them, such as the identification of the commercial establishment used.

Automatic data collection happens through the use of Cookies that are files or information that can be stored on your devices when you access the company’s website. These digital files, so-called Cookies, serve to facilitate the use and better adapt the site to your interests and needs. For example, they are used to adapt the site to your preferred language.

These activity records (logs) will be used only for statistical and metrics purposes of the services provided or for the investigation of fraud or undue changes in their systems and registrations, not for the purpose of providing the data to third parties without their express authorization.

Learn more about the Cookie Privacy (

  1. What is the object of the treatment?

Your data is required for communication with Kitchens to take place in the best possible way.

In the table below, the data collected and its objects are listed:

SITE AREA: Contact Us
PERSONAL DATA COLLECTED: Name; e-mail; phone; location.
PURPOSE: Direct the service to the specific department requested by the user (channel, costumer service, factory, operational, budget, marketing and curriculum).

  1. Data retetion and deletion

Your data will be kept for as long as necessary for your request to be answered by the department in charge. If necessary, the data collected may generate a customer registration, depending on the service requested.

  1. Sharing your Personal Data

The data collected can be shared internally with the areas of the company to which each demand refers, such as the ombudsman, operational, budget and marketing sector, which will be responsible for meeting what you requested.

Kitchens does not externally share your data. Thus, the company undertakes not to sell, rent or pass on your information to third parties.

  1. International Data Transfer

The company guarantees that it does not make any international transfer of the data collected.

  1. Privacy Notice Update

Kitchens can revise this Privacy Notice from time to time. The most current version of the Notice will govern the processing of personal data and will always be available on the website.

In case of a change to this Notice, you will be duly notified. By continuing to access or use the services after the effective date of such change, you accept and agree to be bound by the revised version of the Privacy Notice.

This Privacy Notice was last modified and published on our website at (05/07/2021)