Kitchens believes that the implementation of sustainable actions is increasingly viable and necessary.

This awareness translates into a list of choices that guide the procedures in the company's own factory.

  • All Kitchens furniture is manufactured with raw material from reforestation wood.
  • All wood finishes are made with natural wood sheets originates from recycled materials.
  • The glues used in production are non-toxic, water-based, without chemical residues that are offensive to the environment.
  • Melamine finishes are made with reforestation paper and stamped with pigments of organic origin (possess no environmental toxicity).
  • The resins, typical of melamine finishes, are produced in a closed system, not releasing gases or residues into the environment.
  • The waste generated during production is collected and burned, being transformed into energy for the production process.
  • The factory exhaust system ensures that 100% of the dust and soot are stored in shielded containers. The by-product is used by ceramic companies to generate energy.
  • In the Kitchen’s factory complex, there is a total reuse of waste from production and water recycling.
  • Water treatment allows the reuse of water in toilets and gardens, saving up to almost 4,000 gallons of water per day.
  • Packaging is made from recycled material and returnable to the manufacturer.
  • Industrial waste reaches less than 1% of the material used in production.
  • The collected waste is transformed into biomass, which is then used for kilns, ceramic boilers and industrial energy.